Dr. Eaton discovers the world's first "talking" whale
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The Sacred Whale video

Orca: The Sacred Whale video is a VHS approx. 52 min. of full color footage.

For 20 years, from 1976 to 2010, Dr. Randy Eaton studied orca whales in the Pacific Northwest. He and his research volunteers actually befriended wild orcas.

His video, Orca: The Sacred Whale, examine the unique behavior of orcas and their exceptional relationship with humans across time and space.

What award-winning authors say;

"I have admired the originality and boldness of his work...one of the few truly humanistic scientists..." - Edward O. Wilson, Harvard
"He may well be the next Loren Eiseley, who, until I read Dr. Eaton's work, in my mind had no peer." - Michael W. Fox, D.Sc., DVM, Ph.D., Humane Soc. U.S.
"He's such a good story teller that I thought he must be from the South." -Ken Wilber, Editor, Random/New Science Library
"...truly a pioneer." - James A. Swan, Author of NATURE AS TEACHER AND HEALER and SACRED PLACES
"...immensely impressed...convincing..." - Jim Nollman, - author of DOLPHIN DREAMTIME

Please find below a press release about Orca Project 2010, a volunteer field research program begun in Puget Sound in 1976. In l985, Orca Project befriended wild orcas in British Columbia where adults escorted the calves one at a time to shore to meet me and the volunteers. It was a meeting of nations! The event was heralded in over 250 newspapers in North America.

Over 3,000 people have volunteered for the project which has been conducted in Puget Sound and British Columbia until 2005 when we relocated to Costa Rica to study a new race/culture of orcas we discovered there.

In 2013 this summer we'll be back in B.C.. Many families participate in the project with their kids (as young as two years) who get a monumental dose of nature connection, not only with orcas and other wildlife, but learning primitive skills ranging from fishing to building a fire from scratch. They also get to meet and listen to native elders talk about the fascinating relationship their people have had with orcas. We have never had an injury short of a bee sting in all these years. For many young people and adults the experience is transformative and inspirational.
Randall L. Eaton, Ph.D., Director


Orca Not Dangerous Press Release

Photos from the Orca Project

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