Origin of the Global Crisis: How Ego Became Chairman of the Board

The story of how we won the lionís share and found ourselves living in the shadow of Hercules. Reveals the acquisition and possession of wealth in civilization as cause of the shift to defensive ego consciousness, greed, war and the contemporary crisis. Indigenous wisdom as medicine.


Befriending Wild Orcas: Ruler of the Seas.

Dr. Eaton and the Orca Project volunteers were the first Euro-Americans to befriend wild rcas. In a deliberate ceremony, the cows of the pod brought their calves one at a time to shore to meet the humans. Discussion of the unique behavior of orcas and their exceptional relationship with humans across time and space. This program also describes a beluga whale that imitated human speech and made every possible effort to communicate with humans


Face to Face with a Wild Lion: Animals as Teachers

Face to face with a wild lion, unarmed, alone and on foot? Making friends with a rogue elephant? Grooming a dangerous baboon? Reveals how our perceptions and expectations govern the outcome of our relationships with animals and humans.


The Human Carnivore and the Sacred Hunt

The critical role of carnivory in human evolution including the origins of culture including language, music, dance and art.How hunting and competition with predators made us human. Examines the universal spiritual connection between hunting cultures and wild animals


From Boys to Men of Heart: Hunting as Rite of Passage

Hunting as the original rite of passage for males and still the ideal way to transform boys to men of heart who respect life and take care of the natural world. Describes a wilderness subsistence survival program that successfully transformed 85% of the delinquent boys who participated in it.Also examines the role of vision quest and art


Why Hunters Save the World: A Model for Sustainability

Looks at the recreational hunting experience as pivotal in connecting males to nature and engendering compassion and a moral sense of reciprocity with nature. The hunter as original and still leading conservationist


The Origin of Cave Art as Trophyism

Quoted by Harvard's Edward O. Wilson, Dr. Eaton's theory explains why the cave art of Europe represents trophies. Possible implications for how humans became the dominant species on earth and the consciousness of Europeans Ortega's Philosophy of Interdependence as Foundation for Leopold's Land Ethic Reveals the common message of "life as interdependence" of the men of 1880s: Carl Jung, Albert Eintein, Aldo Leopold and Jose Ortega y Gasset. Ortega's philosophy of the co-existence of ego and circumstance/world as the ideal foundation for the land ethic.