Dr. Eaton discovers the world's first "talking" whale
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Dr. Randall Eaton

Author - Editor - Poet

From Boys to Men of Heart: Hunting as Rite of Passage

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Dr. Eaton has written and edited 14 books to date. The Cheetah: Biology, Behavior and Conservation of an Endangered Species (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1974) was recognized by the ALA as “One of the outstanding scientific-technical books of 1974.” The Cheetah: Fastest Race on Earth, (Dutton, 1981) was recognized as “An outstanding science book for young readers,” by the National Science Teachers Association-Childrens Book Council Joint Committee.

Two of his more recent books are:
The Orca Project: A Meeting of Nations
A 226-page anthology of story, essay and poetry, published in fall, 1998.
The Sacred Hunt: Hunting as a Sacred Path
An Anthology, 208 pages, 1998. An anthology of story, essay and poetry.

Poems (download PDF)

  Buddhist and Hunter MOON dreamer


  City Shaman Her Name I Do Not Know The Fifty Ninth Whale


  Trophy Animals  
Articles and Excerpts (download PDF)
  Cetacean Classroom The Deer I Never Killed What to Say to a Person Who Has Never Hunted



What Sperm Whales Feel

Orca Rescues Boy at Sea The Illinois Wolfen


  Live Baboon And Bear They Put People to Sleep Don't They Why Hunters Save the World


  Three Raccoons Go Wild


Rethinking Hunting


Why Hunting Is Good Medicine For Youth
  Indigenous and Ancient Knowledge of Cetaceans Scientist Wonders Why Dolphins Turn the Cheek Orca Issue Not Black and White Final


  Orcas Confirm Exobiology AVATAR What We're Missing Magazine
from Dolphin and Whale Magazine
The Sirius Mystery
from Dolphin and Whale Magazine
  Secrets of Senior Fitness Stars article    


Scientific Writings

Communications published in Science, Evolution, J. History Behavioral Science, Zeitschrift fur Tierpsychologie, J. Wildlife Management, Current Anthropology, J. Applied Ethology, Der Zoologische Garten, etc. Over 115 published writings to date.

Popular Communications

Appearing in Sports Illustrated, Seattle Times, Defenders, Environmental Journal, Animals, Search, Das Tier, Africana, Cats, Jack and Jill, Magical Blend, Utne Reader, etc. 250+ to date.



Carnivore: Interfacing Biology, Anthropology and Environmental Studies, 1978-87. Conceived, developed, funded, promoted and edited this scientific/philosophic, refereed journal. Honorary Editors were Nobel laureate Niko Tinbergen of Oxford and E. O. Wilson of Harvard. The editorial board included foremost thinkers in organismic biology, anthropology, sociology, etc., ranging from Gordon Orians and John F. Eisenberg to F. Clark Howell and Gary Snyder.
Editorial Board

Tourism in Marine Environments


 The Human/Animal Connection, edited proceedings of a lecture series conceived and funded by Eaton with contributions from Paul Shepard, Gary Snyder, Mike Fox, Charles Cameron and others, Carnivore Press, l985. 



 Orca: Marine Mammals and Humans  ,a popular science magazine was conceived, developed and edited by Randall Eaton for the Orca Society, University of Washington, l979-80. 

 Marine Shoreland Fauna of Washington in two volumes, edited by Eaton and based on a two-year investigation funded by Washington Departments of game and Ecology, Olympia, 1975-76.  

 The World’s Cats, in three volumes, the edited proceedings of the international symposia on the ecology, behavior, conservation and management of the world’s wild cats, which were conceived, organized and funded by Eaton from l971 – 76.



Awards and Honors
Reviews of writing



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