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A Current Affairs Campus Lecture
Are Guns and Hunting Good for Kids?

Did you know that foremost authorities in education, psychology, therapy and violence actually endorse hunting and shooting for our youth? Dr. Don Jacobs, author of Teaching Virtues, said, "Hunting is the ideal way to teach young people universal virtues including humility, generosity, courage and fortitude." Michael Gurian, author of three best-selling books on how to properly raise young men strongly endorses hunting because it teaches respect for life and responsibility towards nature and society, even social authority. Dr. Helen Smith, author of Scarred Hearts and leading authority in the world on violence in children, promotes shooting and hunting. Dr. Jim Rose, neuropsychologist at University of Wyoming, says that hunting and shooting both teach young people self-control and patience.

Is hunting good medicine for bad kids? My award-winning book, The Sacred Hunt, award-winning TV Production: "The Sacred Hunt" Rite of Passage, and award-winning article, "Proper Hunting Initiation Could Curb Teen Violence," document several programs that use hunting and shooting to successfully transform the lives of delinquent boys. One l3-year program in Idaho that involved subsistence hunting in the wilderness for two weeks had a success rate of 85% according to follow-up surveys.

According to Field Supervisor, Dr. Wade Brackenbury, what most influenced the transformation of boys was taking the life of an animal that sustained them. It engendered respect for life, but also gave the boys a genuine sense of self-esteem.

FBI and BATF studies showed that young people who had legally acquired firearms committed no felonies and had a lower incidence of criminal behavior than kids who did not own firearms. TIME magazine's recent survey of high school counselors found that kids who had been raised with firearms were the best-behaved and best-mannered in school.

So much for the anti-hunting, anti-gun crowd!

Does direct participation in the food chain convert it into a love chain? All the leading conservationists in the world - Audubon, Thoreau, Roosevelt, Leopold, Snyder - have been avid hunters. Over 80% of all the money ever spent on wildlife conservation has come from hunters. Does hunting profoundly connect a person to the earth, the creatures, society? Is it, essentially, a spiritual experience?

My TV production, "The Sacred Hunt: Hunting, as a Spiritual Path," winner of seven awards and the all-time top-selling documentary about hunting, includes an interview of Felix Ike, Western Shoshone elder, who was asked, "What kind of country would this be if the majority of men in it had been properly initiated into hunting?" He replied, "It would be a totally different world!"

My lecture on "Are Guns and Hunting Good for Kids?" presents new perspectives on hunting and its role in human behavior and values. It integrates evolutionary biology with anthropology, mythology, comparative religion, Native American studies, psychology and philosophy.

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"You provide more bubble gun for the brain than anyone I know."
Steve Klavens, Western Washington University undergraduate

"I have admired the originality and boldness of his work...one of the few truly humanistic scientists."
Edward O. Wilson, Harvard professor & Pulitzer prize-winning author

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Professor Dave Guynn, Clemson University

"You had them enthralled and if I had not shut off the discussion, we would have been there until morning."
Dr. Dave Kathka, Western Wyoming College

"Over the last l5 years I've recorded many well known speakers...Deepok Chopra, John Gray, Ram Dass...but rarely if ever have I heard someone speak as you have so eloquently."
Mark Waters, High Country Productions

Speaking alongside Gov. John Connally, actor Jimmy Stewart and Wally Shirra

"It was Dr. Randall L. Eaton of Purdue University who electrified the audience."
San Antonio Light

"Infectious excitement and enthusiasm emanates from him, and spreads throughout the audience...Dr. Eaton furnishes and informative and inspiring evening. Those who see it don't forget it."
Bruce Van Dyke, Morning DJ, KTHX-FM, Reno

"An engaging, introspective and talented speaker/researcher regarding hunting, and more specifically, hunting as a means to improve the lives of our youth...powerful and inspiring."
Mark Holmes, PR Officer, Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters

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l3 writing and TV production awards in past four years
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Author of l3 books, two of which won national awards. Producer of three award-winning TV productions. International reputation in animal behavior, sociobiology, human evolution, environmental ethics, wildlife conservation, also original contributions in history of science, prehistoric art and philosophy. Served on faculties of zoology, psychology, wildlife, fisheries and humanities at several leading universities including U. Washington and U. Georgia. Invited to lecture at Australian National University and East Shanghai Normal University. In l982 was invited to apply for a tenured position at Harvard. Lectures widely.

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